Corrosive Drywall Resources

Useful Links for Corrosive Drywall

Florida Department of Health Drywall information page including Case Definition.  Click Here

AIHA White Paper on Corrosive Drywall

City of Parkland Florida page on Chinese Drywall taskforce updates

Florida Attorney General’s press release about Chinese Drywall scams

Florida Association of Realtors White Paper on Chinese Drywall which outlines the issue, explains what the experts currently understand, what they must find out and offers a link to additional resources.

765 Page report prepared by ENVIRON International on the impact of Chinese Drywall on Health and the Environment

U.S. CPSC Drywall Information Center. State and Federal Drywall Technical Evaluation Team letter on the absence of Radioactivity in Chinese Drywall.

Click Here for PDF download PDF of CPSC Press Statement Regarding Drywall and Phosphogypsum

Website for developments on MDL 2047 – Chinese Manufactured Drywall Products Liability Litigation

State of Florida Interim Guidance on Chinese Drywall Disposal PDF download

Technical Symposium on Corrosive Drywall – Held 5-6 November, 2009

Photographic Examples of Chinese Drywall markings

CDC Guide for Doctors California site on Drywall Recycling

U.S. Senate Testimony by Ms Brenda Brinku about U.S. Drywall problems