Property Overview Report

Often buyers are torn over whether to get a home inspection completed on a potential property or not.  Although there is no substitute for a thorough in-depth analysis of a home, sometimes an informed overview of the property may be sufficient to make a decision to move ahead with a purchase or to walk away.  4D Building Solutions is now offering an abbreviated or “Property Overview Report” that allows potential buyers the opportunity to take advantage of Steve and Tom’s years of experience and training.  This may be just the tool some buyers need.  Significant items which can be identified are major structural issues, moisture intrusion, roof issues, electrical service and panel issues, HVAC concerns, etc.  For this “overview” it is highly recommended that the buyer be present to conduct a walkthrough of the property as Steve or Tom points out potential issues.

Details are:

  1. We provide this service at a significant cost reduction from a complete home inspection
  2. The whole process should take about 1 hour for an average home
  3. A completed overview checklist is provided at the end of the walk-through with photos as applicable
  4. We recommend the buyer be present in order to get the full advantage of this service as the real value is the first person exposure to issues at the home
  5. If the buyer chooses to move forward, a $100 discount would be applicable to a full home inspection.

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