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I look at a lot of flipped houses each month.  Of course, with all the reality TV shows out there showing how “easy” it is to make a fortune doing this, it’s not surprising that it is so popular.  I see some beautiful flips, done by investors who are concerned […]

Flipped house issues

Most everyone likes to do a bit of home maintenance, but making your own chimney cap should not be one of them unless you are great with metal! The plywood and tar construction leaks like crazy and has allowed the whole fireplace to rust through. Good idea to seal the […]

Stuff We See On Inspections!

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the alleged Formaldehyde that could be in some Lumber Liquidators flooring. I’ve gathered a bit of information about it to provide some reference. Unlike the problems with Chinese or Corrosive Drywall, this issue has been well documented and is relatively simple […]

Formaldehyde and Laminate Flooring

It’s always good to get some feedback on your work especially when it’s as good as this! Hello Tom, I hope that you are doing well. We cancelled the contract for the sale of the house this week. Your inspection was instrumental in this decision and we sincerely appreciate your […]

Feedback is good